Creating your own version of success

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Creating your own version of success


Society has a way of shaping our thoughts when it comes to success. The people we interact with greatly influence our way of thinking. Our environment also plays a great role in shaping your general view of life.

Since human beings see life through their lens of experience, everyone’s idea of life and success is defined by what they see. It is therefore right to say you have the power to determine what success means to you.

In my opinion, there should be no single statement that should define what success is. Just as relationships are complex so is success. As beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so should success.

The truth is, everyone is on a different page of a different chapter in the book of life. We face different struggles and fight different battles, so what is success to me should not necessarily be a success to you. There should be no weighing scale.

Just because your wedding became the wedding of the year and I settled for a come we stay does not make you more successful than I am. If my income dictates that I stay in a rented house while you own a mansion, should not be a ground for saying you are successful.

Success should be a personal journey. If you have made one step from where you used to be then that is success. You moved from a single room and now you can afford a bed sitter you are a hero. You used to save 100bob a month now you can save 200, you still rock.

The secret is to live within your standards. You are on a journey and your success story will never be like your friend’s story. It is something personal.

The moment you allow peer pressure and societal pressure to control you is the very moment you lose it.

If your age mates are raising their third born children yet you are still single, just relax. No pressure. Your time will come. I am yet to see someone getting a crown for getting married early. You’d rather wait for a few more years and have a happy family than bow to pressure and marry the wrong person.

God’s calendar is the best. He knows what you need and He will bring it at the right time. Don’t worry about the future so much that you forget to enjoy the present.

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