Becoming Michelle Obama – Book Summary


Becoming Michelle Obama – Book Summary


When you tell your true story from a  very intimate and authentic point, then it makes it easier for people to tap into it. That is exactly what Michelle Obama has done in her book Becoming Michelle Obama.

Becoming Michelle Obama takes us though the life of the former Fist Lady of The United States. The book is divided into three parts, becoming me, becoming Us and becoming More.

Becoming Me (Michelle Obama) 

We go  through many stages in life and we become many things along the way which makes it impossible to choose just one thing. It is therefore utterly useless to ask a child what they want to be when they grow up. Because growing is not finite, that is what Michelle writes. So far she has been a lawyer, a vice president at a hospital, a director at a non-profit organisation, a working student and many other things. Which applies to many people through the journey of life.

As Michelle grew up, their parents gave her and Craig, her brother a voice to air their views.

Michelle Obama was brought up by a disabled dad who suffered from MS and a stay home mum. Due to this, she had to work hard in school to please her parents. She takes us though her childhood in the Southside of Chicago.  She went to Princeton and later Harvard to study law.  She then got a job at a law firm but she was not happy with the job. She tried talking to her mother about it. Her mum told her to just make the money and worry about being happy later. 

Becoming us

Becoming Michelle Obama gives us details of how Michelle and Barrack came to be. Michelle being the typical box checker and planner, following societal protocol: go to school, get a job, have a family. Which basically means become risk averse and narrow yourself to become this thing that you should be as society demands.

Barrack on the other hand is no box checker. Michelle describes him as a wind threatening to unsettle everything. He showed her you can step outside the box. She starts to swerve, leaves the law farm, goes on to work at city hall, gets to run a non profit organisation, becomes a vice president at a hospital and later FLOTUS.  

They battle infertility and go for in vitro fertilization. When the kids come in, she tries to maintain a normal family by wanting the presence of her political husband who keeps moving from point to  point with his political career.

Due to their different upbringing, Michelle and Barrack have different approach to life. When things become tight in their marriage,she persuades Barrack and they seek cancelling hoping the canceller will tell Barrack that he’s on the wrong.

Becoming More  

We also get a chance to see how the campaigns unfold and finally Michelle becomes FLOTUS. She then takes us through her journey as a first lady. The courses she championed, the trips she made and the talks she held. How she is determined to bring hope to young generations and finally leaving White House to pave in Donald Trump’s Regime.

It is an intriguing and a very inspiring journey. A life filled with achievements. 


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