The compound effect by Darren Hardy

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The compound effect by Darren Hardy


Apart from the Richest Man in Babylon, The compound effect is the other book that is more realistic. The concept in these two books is the same.

It is the little decisions that you make everyday that matter the most. They can either take you to the life that you desire or to disaster by default.

The author explains how you can reap huge results from small actions that may seem insignificant.

Those who win do not win because they are the best or the smartest but because they have developed positive habits. They also have consistency in applying the positive habits they have developed.

Even though the results may be massive, the initial steps in the moment usually feel insignificant. Current actions and decisions may offer little or no results at the moment but over a period of time, they create a radical change.

The author also gives practical examples on how the compound effect works. It can either work for you in a positive way or a negative way depending on your decisions.

All you need to do is take simple insignificant steps in the direction that you want to go, with time and consistency, you will star to notice results. The bottom line is, you can never change your life until you change something that you do daily.

There are a few things you can do to make your new habit work :

  1. Set yourself to succeed.
  2. Display it for accountability by telling your friends and family. You can also display it on social media.
  3. Find a success buddy. Someone who will keep you accountable and help you cement your new habit.
  4. Celebrate yourself.

Take advantage of the Big Mo. Have you ever realized that something only seems hard before you begin doing it but once you start, momentum sets in and it becomes easier than you thought? This is what the author calls the Big Mo.

Taking one small action at a time. It might take time to form a new habit but once it is formed, Big Mo joins the party. Your success and results compound rapidly. It takes time and energy to get into rhythm but with it, success and results compound rapidly.

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