My Creative Moment – Why I Take Quiet Time Seriously

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My Creative Moment – Why I Take Quiet Time Seriously


Every creative needs some quiet time away from everyday’s noise. Away from people, away from company, away from all the music, television and social media too. 

Quiet times are extremely paramount. It is always good to have company but there are times when you just want to be alone with your mind. You want to be alone so that you can develop that idea that has trickled in your mind or pray.

Personally, there are times I just switch off everything. No music, no television, just absolute serenity. You can walk into my house and find it disturbingly quiet. This is the time when my creative mind is dishing out one idea after another.

Of utmost importance is that these quiet moments produce answers to my most essential questions. In a way, it acts like a problem solving period.

I take my quiet times seriously because they are a way to unwind from the chaotic demands of day to day life. You get so much peace when you spend some time alone. Your mind gets rest. For me it creates a window for new ideas, solutions and creation of improvement strategies. Generally my productivity improves when I get some quiet time.

This quiet time idea may not work for everyone. Some creatives prefer some background music. That’s when their mind works best. I prefer total silence. That’s when I get 100% concentration. To each his own.

So when you meet a creative, keep in mind that there are times when they will need some time alone. I believe that has got nothing to do with being introverted or extroverted. It is just a short period of time when you need some breathing space. I believe the same applies to non creatives as well. 

If you your mind is clogged and your hands are so full with so much hat you are almost suffocating, try getting some quiet time. Analyse every activity that needs your attention then create a work strategy. You will be surprised at how much you will accomplish in a short time once you resume.

Just as your body needs rest, your mind needs rest too. My way of resting my mind is having some quiet moments. Its like having a meeting with myself where I get to brainstorm, think of possible problem solutions then come up with my action plan.

Some issues may seem so big but when you give them attention during your quiet moments, you will be amazed at how simple it is to solve them.

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