Chipukeezy Goes Missing


Chipukeezy Goes Missing


Eric Omondi, the president of comedy as he refers to himself yesterday expressed his concern over the conspicuous absence of his fellow comedian Chipukeezy.

In an Instagram post, Eric insinuated that Chipukeezy’s phone was off and the last time they spoke to each other was nine days ago. 

Apparently Chipukeexy was in Zanzibar at the time they spoke. 

Eric Omondi said he had also tried to reach him on other platforms but he was unsuccessful. He urged anyone who had been in contact with him, Chipukeezy, to let him, Eric Omondi, know.  

Chipukeezy once had a show at Ebru TV, which he terminated after he was asked to terminate his collaboration with Kartelo whose real name is Nick Charge.

We are still awaiting for Chipukeezy’s response.

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