Girl With A Thorn by Edelqueen Shioso

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Girl With A Thorn by Edelqueen Shioso


Edelqueen Shioso. This girl is brave.

When I opened this book, I knew it was going to be an easy read, which is true. It was all rosy until I reached chapter 8 – Popular Rabble. I cried rivers, went to the bathroom to wash my face then came back and cried some more.

As a fourteen year old, this author discovered that she had an X factor, something she has to live with for the rest of her life. She braved herself to live life to the fullest and not to let this condition deter her dreams.

An X factor is something we find ourselves with and have to live with because we do not have the ability to change it and we cannot do much about it. 

It’s true that all things happen for good to them that love God. This girl went through pain and she asked God questions. Rather than God taking away the pain, He made her use it to educate others. She is now a warrior who empowers and educates the society. Though painful, God had His reasons why this had to be. She is now a pillar and a role model to many.

Queen you are my heroine. Of all the books I have read this year, this one stands out. I have given it a 5* rating on Goodreads because I believe every human being should read it.

Thank you Constance for never giving up on this girl. She is a true Queen. In fact, she is The Queen. Not just by name but through actions.

In a world where everyone is selfish and would prefer going down with as many as they would. This girl chose to be different. She chose never to transfer the X factor to anyone despite her beauty and all the men salivating to get a piece of her. She chose to remain chaste. Such a rare trait in today’s world.

She is our 2018 Star here at Salammy. Keep shinning girl, not many have such a big heart to share such an intimate and personal story.

If you haven’t read this book please contact Edelqueen Shioso. Buy a copy, support our girl, read and learn.

Thank you Brian for this wonderful book. It’s your turn to read it. PS I have not spoiled 😄.

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  1. I will look for this book. Don’t want to miss out this amazing story.

  2. Edelqueen Shioso

    December 18, 2018

    This is Edelqueen Shioso, I am humbled by your kind words this early morning, I am lost for words, Thank you

  3. You are welcome and thanks for reading