Letter To The New Graduate Part 3: Credibility At Work

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Letter To The New Graduate Part 3: Credibility At Work


After the hustles, long toils, turn downs and rejects from potential employers and at times no feedback. Lady luck finally smiles to you and you land the job. It might not be the one you dream of but it can propel you to your desired destination careerwise. You need this moment to create the next.

As a new hire, there are numerous things to adopt, a culture to either adjust to or smoothly fit in. You need to adjust to new traits from different personalities that will be on your case. Do not forget that  all the aforementioned might come in one package as your boss.

It is common meet someone who will narrate to you how their place of work sucks. Sometimes it’s our colleagues, friends or random strangers. They will tell you how they need you to refer them to some other employer who sounds better than where they currently are.

When you feel disoriented and in the wrong place, your productivity will be greatly affected. This might be costly in the long run.

Staying credible and relevant at your workplace is key for it makes you a treasured asset to your employer. It helps you position yourself as a valuable team player and it demonstrates your competencies and abilities which are the key ingredients that are crucial for your career growth.

In this scenario you will be struggling between learning to gain the on job experience versus being credible. It becomes more difficult to fit in if what you have at hand to offer isn’t sufficient apart from the theoretical experience from a higher institution of learning. Regular consultation and willingness to learn is paramount. Referring to similar ways in which the same matter was handled and seeking advice on how best your colleagues would have it handled is equally important.

Credibility is hard to earn and once earned, you have to ensure it is guarded. It is hard to earn it and easy to lose it. The choice solely lies with how one pictures their career path and professional ambitions. There are questions you need to ask yourself in line with your new assignment;

  • What are your key deliverables?
  • What has previously worked well and should be continued?
  • What should be done differently to yield more tangible results?
  • Who else is key to your performance?

These set of questions will help you incline yourself and ensure productivity.

It is a common mistake amongst most new employees to assume that they know what their top goals are. Sometimes they fail to communicate to their colleagues and supervisors. It is contrary because at the interview, the hiring panel felt convinced that they were hiring the best person for the job.

Your arrogance may brand you as invincible for a while. It will also brand you as a non-team player and your downfall is just around the corner.

As a new employee, you can take advantage to identify and deliver early wins. This has to be a careful choice of a project for the goal is not becoming the firms’ hero overnight but rather progressive success that motivates the team. It can also be a quick achievement to deliver operational or financial results.

Keep the organisational culture in mind when designing the execution of the early win. Asking around and Consulting will help identify what you can improve. Above all, stay credible people are watching you in silence and when the time comes your credibility will pay off.

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