The Boy From Consolata School Whose Video Went Viral Responds


The Boy From Consolata School Whose Video Went Viral Responds


A 13 year old boy who went viral after hurling insults at a girl names Nikita has finally given an account of what happened after the first video went viral.

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He alleged that the girl, who happens to be in the same school with him, constantly bullies him and at one point even threatened to beat him up.

Further, the boy stated that Nikita constantly tells him that he is an unwanted child and is gay.

“She keeps spreading rumours about me. I am sure you would have done the same had it happened to you,” he said.

He went on to state that he never wanted the situation to get out of hand but those bashing him should get their facts right.

“If you want to support me it’s fine…if not it’s also fine. I will still show up at school.

“What will the school gain by beating me? What will they gain by expelling me?…nothing,” he said.

He also said Nikita is yet to apologise to him and it is unfair that he is getting all the criticism.

The video drew a number of reactions online and many sympathized with him saying he needs to be guided on a number of issues.

Also, he was advised to avoid solving conflict via social media since he might expose himself to a lot of negativity and cyberbullying.

Info courtesy of the Standard

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