What Do You Do When You Lose Your Job

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What Do You Do When You Lose Your Job


Training in a career takes time. energy, dedication and money. Therefore losing your job can be very painful. When we go to school we always move up the ladder hopping things will work out in the end. Our minds envision a good and glamorous life at the end.  

The sleepless nights, the endless exams and the various sacrifices we make in order to receive an education always pay. The skills and the knowledge that we acquire in school form the basis of our lives. Our creativity, critical thinking, ability to solve life problems all emanate from our formative years. School helps in shaping character and producing better citizens for the development and continuity of a nation.  

When we are in school we always look forward to completing because we tend to believe it is tedious being in school.  

Life itself is a school on its own, The only difference is that there is no teacher and there is no curriculum to be followed.  When I was in school. I thought graduating and getting a good formal job was the ultimate goal. My expectations were that the job would come as soon as I graduated. My expectations came true but things changed along the way and life took a new twist.  

If you have ever lost your only job, you know how hard it can get. That period when you graduate then start the big search for a job just to make ends meet. Or when you resign to start your own business then things go south. Or when you get laid off. It’s not a walk in the park but you will never know how tough it can be until you walk down that road.  

Here is a short video of what happened and what I did when I was out of formal employment.

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