6 Basic Things To Consider When Looking For A Rental House

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6 Basic Things To Consider When Looking For A Rental House


A good place to come and rest your head after a long day of hard work is the least you can do for yourself. Most of us are not usually lucky to own a home right away after graduating from campus. You will need to move to a rental house first before owning your own home.

Below is a list of some of the basic things we think you need to look for while scouting for a rental house.

1. Your Rental House Should Be In A Secure Place

You cannot afford to live in an insecure neighborhood. You need a place where you can move in and out at any time of the day or night. You also don’t want to come home and find some of your belongings missing.

2. Cleanliness

Your health is important. Your rental house should be located in a clean environment with a good drainage system and proper waste control mechanisms. A clean environment also creates a sense of organization in your mind and puts you in a good mood.

3. The Rental House Should be In Good Condition

You  are going to be paying rent every month. You can therefore not afford to live in a run down house. Make an inspection of the house before  you move in. Make sure the walls are in good condition and not cracked. All the windows have windows panes. The taps are in good condition etc. Just do a general inspection and make sure the house is habitable.

4. Natural Light

Have you ever been to a house where you need to switch on the lights during the day? Chances are that such a house does not also get enough fresh air. There is a beauty that comes with enough natural light, i makes the house more lively. Apart from that, you won’t have to pay inflated electricity bills.

5. Water

Water is the basis of life, without it you can’t do much. You can’t cook, wash or take a shower. Simply put, you cant function without water.

6. Price

Your rental house should be reasonably priced. Look for a house that meets your basic needs and also friendly to your pocket. You don’t want to end up spending more than half of your salary on house rent.

If you are moving out and staying alone for the first time, here is an article that will help you save that extra coin.

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  1. Kariss

    June 6, 2019

    Great basic tips for a rental! 🙂 thanks for sharing these!