Lessons From Bob Collymore ‘s Life

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Lessons From Bob Collymore ‘s Life


There is nothing as certain as death and nothing as uncertain as the time of dying. When we woke up to the news that the Bob Collymore was dead, it sounded like a bad joke.

As a CEO of a reputable organization in Kenya, there is so much we can learn from him. Here are a few things that I picked up as life lessons from him.

1. You Don’t Have to Have An Expensive Wedding

We are living in hard economic times, everything is inflated and some luxuries can wait for later or we can opt for cheaper alternatives. With all the money that Bob Collymore and his wife,Wambui, had, they still chose to have a simple invites only wedding.
Day by day we find ourselves in different Whats App groups because someone needs money for his/her dream wedding. Is it really necessary? Just do the little you can. Don’t stress with unnecessary expenses. Just make a simple ceremony that you can afford, invite your family members and close friends, celebrate and save yourself the stress of fundraising for a wedding.

2. Put Your House In Order

Death will never announce itself. Even when you know that you are about to die, you never know the hour. If you have a family and God has blessed you with some earthly riches, write a will. Don’t allow your family to suffer  after your death due to the inability to claim your wealth. Be transparent and declare your properties/businesses to them. After all if you keep hiding it from them, it will all go to the state once you die and your hard work will have been swept down the drain.

3. Death Is Inevitable

Some people fear death and they never want to mention it. This is where we will all end up at some point. Some soon some later. The moment we realize this, we will all be at peace with ourselves and our environment. Bob Collymore knew he was going to end there soon and he was at peace. He even left orders on how he wanted his funeral to be conducted.

4. Money Is Not Everything

God is the giver of life. Money can keep you going for a while but there are things that money cannot do. Human inventions can help you live a better life but there comes a time when our bodies give in and we leave it all to God. That is where Bob Collymore was in his life. He had sought all the medication he could get and there was nothing more he could do.

5. All Is Vanity

All that we labor for is vanity. When we die, we will leave it all here. We should care more about where our soul will end up. Never despair because of this worldly things. If you are lucky enough to get this worldly riches be thankful.  If you fail to get be thankful as well. There is a greater reward in heaven.
Fare thee well Bob Collymore. May God grant his family the strength to endure these tough times.

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