Consistency Is The Key To Your Dream Life

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Consistency Is The Key To Your Dream Life


There is a point in time when I felt I needed more. I felt that I was capable of much more than what I was at that time. I knew there was something deeper within me that needed to be harnessed but I didn’t know how. So I began a mission to find out what that thing was. That is how I landed into personal development. I developed consistency in reading. Through reading I discovered my purpose.

I  looked around for the people I admire, read their works and listened to them. I read biographies and autobiographies of various successful people some alive some dead. Reading about their failures and successes has taught me some powerful life lessons.

Of all the lessons learnt there is one that really stands out, consistency.

What is it that keeps these people at the top? Why do they always look as if they have it all figured out?

When you interact with these people either through reading or listening to them, you will notice that they have developed a certain type of pattern in their actions. They have a lot of little things that they have done over time which have produced the success they enjoy. They are very intentional with their moves and they are also consistent.

Consistency cuts across the board. For you to establish friendships, businesses, your spirituality etc you need consistency. Consistency in all the right behaviors will definitely result to success. It is the  little actions in the right direction that add up and form a greater force that becomes unbreakable.

None of these people just woke up and became successful overnight. Becoming Michelle Obama stands out for me. The struggles, the late nights, the early mornings, the fatigue  and the relentlessness. The persistence and the consistency in her work will surprise you. She went through it all before becoming the First Lady Of The United States.

As you try to figure out your path to destiny, create deliberate positive habits, be consistent and see the results unfold right before your eyes.

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  1. Isaac Wechuli

    July 8, 2019

    Awesome..consistency is the key, makes people take you seriously and increases one’s skill level..Thanks alot for sharing this