Criticizing Your Own Work Can Hinder You From The Life You Deserve

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Criticizing Your Own Work Can Hinder You From The Life You Deserve


Photo credits Artist Ombija.

There are various dimensions to life and there are a lot of things that determine the path that we follow. First, our upbringing shapes the way we react and respond to various situations. Our exposure also informs the major decisions we make in life.

Our willingness to grow and the hunger to progress can sometimes be hindered by our very own negative thoughts. The moment we start comparing ourselves and our work with others, we begin to see ourselves as inadequate. It is during these moments that we tend to lose our own freedom. The freedom to create and the freedom to express our unique abilities to the world.

Our ideas may not make much sense to us but they can be world changing. Agness DeMille, a dance choreographer, did not know that her work would make her travel the world and perform to different audiences. The work that she thought was average as compared to other works she had created before gave her the breakthrough she never expected.

It is the grit and the desire to see a positive change that will keep you grounded when everything else doesn’t make sense. When your work seems meaningless to you, do not sit on it with the thought that it will not make an impact. Put in your best and present it to the world. To help you understand this concept, we have created a short video for you. You can watch it below:



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