How To Forget Someone You Love

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How To Forget Someone You Love


It is not possible to forget someone you love. Your heart may stop longing, your sleepless nights may become less. You might convince yourself that you are done missing and your heartache is well healed. With time you will start believing your own lies and your lies will seem true as long as you physically detach yourself from that person.

The truth is you will never forget someone you love, especially if that love was born from a place of sincerity. You may keep yourself occupied and make every effort to move on. At some point you will teach yourself to live and love again but what was there still remains and sometimes it freaks you out.

This thing freaks you out because it has so much power over you especially if it is undone love. If you were given a chance be with this person, you are sure that you wouldn’t give up just yet. Your heart can’t help but think of what could be. You have a thousand and one what ifs because you never have closure.

The feeling might diminish as its pushed into your subconscious mind with your everyday activities but every time you listen to a familiar song, visit a familiar place, glimpse a familiar car or a familiar face, you will still hold your breath. That is when you know that you have never forgotten that person.

Your mind knows that parting is the best decision but you will never forget because part of you has never wanted to. Not because you can’t live without them but because they saw you in the best way you could ever imagine. They saw the best in you and helped you create a better version of you.

You still want to remember the painful tears, the cheery moments and the all the times you spent together. You still want to remember how this person made you feel and you want to carry it all because that’s what makes life worth living.

The worst torture you can ever give yourself is actually trying to forget because that is how you will never forget. It is okay to have a special place for someone in your heart. Struggling with thoughts and wishes that come back to one person is tough. It only takes time to ease that.

After all is said and done, you will learn to appreciate the lessons you learnt throughout the process. You Will be amazed at how mature you have grown and of how strong you can be by holding it up all together and making the right decisions.

The future is uncertain but for now, you will hold onto hope and believe that your better days lie ahead.

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  1. You know what, I’m a stranger here but I absolutely agree with what you’ve written herem

    • It happens to many people, they just don’t say it loud for us to hear. Many choose to deal with it in silence.

  2. You know what, I’m a stranger here but I absolutely agree with what you’ve written here.