The Golden Crown

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The Golden Crown


It is said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, so is the reality of life. Every step is built and every moment is an experience.

Having grown through the struggles, disappointments, setbacks, and betrayal, we accumulate enough lessons. We grow strong absorbers to withstand the turbulence hence resilient enough to dance in the storm and brave enough to try one more time.

Dusting yourself, picking up the broken pieces and molding a new self from the pieces is what will greatly determine the new life you build from the lessons learned.

Human nature has it that a setback comes with multiple discouragements and de-motivation. This causes one to lose focus on the purpose and intentions envisioned in their larger life goal. It happens at all stages and phases of life where events turn against us. In such moments. the world looks stagnant and God seems unavailable.

We curse the events and persons that came before we got into the storm. Unknown longings remain in our hearts leading to anxiety. Expectations build up. Imaginations of who would come through for us in the tough times start to soar. It is in such moments that we determine who our true friends are.

Everything is gathered, nurtured and built over a lengthy period. The toils, hustles, and struggles is what makes life worth appreciating. It is through this tough journey that you gain enough muscle to face life with all the courage, determination and a fixed eye on the desired ending. You re-align your priorities; your social life is also adjusted accordingly just to be sure you are on the right terrain.

Destructions will always present themselves in all manner. They might come as gigs we have been waiting for, challenges that will de-motivate you from the main course or friends who will constantly tell you how impossible it is to achieve your goal.

To some the difficult phases of life breed new strengths and passions. The newly found personalities may create a positive impact to those arround us. The naivety, fear and timidity are washed away by these experiences from the tough seasons. The lessons learned become our driving force that guides the canoe we sail in. It all starts at the point you feel lowest, crushed to pieces and you have got nothing left.

The ones who endure through the fire always come out as pure Gold.

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