How I Use Writing As A Form Of Therapy

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How I Use Writing As A Form Of Therapy


I have always wanted to be a good writer, to pour out my heart in all that I write. I also use writing as a form of therapy.  There are some really old articles that I have contemplated on posting here for the longest time. The other day I gained  courage and posted this one here. I really don’t know if some internet  trolls are going to turn around and throw stones at me because of the lengthy article and what it contains. All in all I wrote it and posted.

I believe it is not a controversial article. I just voiced my thoughts through writing. Actually I cut out some parts from the original article because if I were to write everything, it would have turned into a book.

To me writing is very therapeutic. I have very few friends that I can really open up to and share my problems with. So most of the time I do my talking through writing. I am your typical introvert but sometimes I try to kill the monotony with some adventure. So a walk in the park, a trip to some attraction sites and some outdoor games come in handy.

Most of the time you will find me indoors. I never feel lonely unless I am stressed. I somehow never lack what to do. When I get really strong emotions and get to a point where I feel like exploding. I take my phone, my laptop or my writing pad whichever is closer then I pour out those emotions in writing. When I feel like saying something stupid to someone who has annoyed me, I take out my writing materials and pour it there.

If it is something that has hurt me, you will find me writing as I cry. The endless tears and the writing excavates the deepest pain in me. I get relieved after a session of crying and penning down my deepest pains. My favorite therapy when I am hurting is doing it on a piece of paper. Typing on the phone or laptop does not usually give me full satisfaction as compared to writing it down on paper. Paper and pen is the most fulfilling.

Sometime later I come back to what I wrote. Reading through what I wrote while mad gives me goose bumps. It is usually nasty and total crap. Nasty that had I said it out aloud at that time, then the receiver would have ended up in Intensive Care Unit 😃 😃 .

Writing has saved me a lot. It has saved my friendships, my relations with those around me and above all it has built me and made me who I am today.

If you sit down and write something when you are mad. Come read it later, you will find out that 98% of the things you would have said or done in anger would have caused you more harm than good.

The ball is in your court. Try writing therapy as a form of therapy by writing down things you would have said or done during your angry moments then read them later when you have cooled down. Tell me what percentage of that makes sense to you in your sober state. Go ahead and leave your experience in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.

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