Why Kenyans Will Spend Longer Hours At Huduma Number Registration Centers Today

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Why Kenyans Will Spend Longer Hours At Huduma Number Registration Centers Today


This is who we are: Kenyans,and we do things the Kenyan way. We are last minute people, procrastinators. We show up on the last day and we also request for registration extensions. That is what is happening at Huduma Number centers today.

It has been 46 days  since the government rolled out the Huduma Number registration for easy government services. We being the Kenyans we did no see the urgency of the matter.

There were a lot of stories making rounds of why the Huduma number was not important. Some said it was the dreaded 666 satanic number. Just like they said when Obama Care was being rolled out in America.  Some speculated that someone was already collecting votes for the coming election period. Others said it was someone’s business idea and someone was trying to make money from innocent Kenyans.

Despite the speculations and the negative reception by a large number of people the registration still went on. There were all manner of suggestions of how the exercise should have been conducted. What should have been done and what should not have been done.

The registration is about to come to an end. The same people who were against the registration are now spending hours at the registration centers. For sure the process was slow and time consuming but those who waited for last minute will have it rough. they will spend double or even triple the time they would have spent had they done an earlier registration.

It will take them longer if they are going to register between today and the 18th May which is the closing date. The queues are longer today and some may even go home before they’ve registered as the Kits can only take a certain number of registrations per day. Some of the kits are also bound to fail. That is why it might cost them an entire day or even two for them to get the Huduma Number.

It’s time to get out of our usual last minute crisis. Plan yourself to get things done on time and save yourself from the last minute pressure.

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