Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Free Merchandise! Free Tickets! Free Goods!

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Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Free Merchandise! Free Tickets! Free Goods!


We all love free things. When there is a concert and we know some of the organizers we will request for free tickets, when someone we know has an event that requires us to pay before we get in we will request for free entry. If someone we know is organizing a trip, we will request for a complimentary. That is how we are.

We always don’t want to pay for anything. A friend of mine recently launched a book. I am sure she got a number of people who requested to get the book for free. I am meeting her sometime this week to get my signed copy which I will pay for.

Getting free merchandise or free tickets to a friend’s event that you can pay for is not supporting. Support means you buy the ticket/merchandise and show up for the event. If you can afford to buy 10 of them for your other friends just do it and support a soul.

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes before the final outcome. People spend a lot on event preparation, book writing, music production and so fourth. So when your friend invites you to their event, do not ask for free tickets, be the first to buy. If you can buy several of them for your other friends, do it. Do not drain them to a point where they think quitting could be the best option. Let’s support each other and grow together.

Don’t ask for freebies, especially from people who are still trying to make it in life. Buy and support them.

For free tickets, free merchandise and free goods, just share this article. Remember sharing is caring and caring is supporting.

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