Learning To Say No

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Learning To Say No


Life can be busy. You can be totally busy doing nothing productive. When  your friends reach out to you, you can easily say I am busy.  In the evening when you sit down to relax you can comfortably say I have had a really busy day. You may also be fatigued, as an evidence of how busy you have been. Surprisingly, you may not be able to account for your time even after a seemingly busy day. Your not learning to say no contributes to this a lot.

Eventually, December shows up and you totally have nothing to point a finger to on what you have been doing throughout the year. Why? Because you did not take time to evaluate your schedule. You kept on adding new things to your list without stopping to think.

Our time and energy are limited. So when you keep adding new things into your life/schedule, you have to be ready to let go of some old activities. Your schedule is already busy and adding more to an already busy schedule is simply asking for the impossible.  For you to see a difference, you have to release some of the not so important activities from your schedule to pave way for important ones.

It’s a new year and people all over have set to work towards certain goals. It could be buying your own home, saving money for a certain project, going back to school, living healthier and keeping fit or earning more money. To achieve your goal, you will have to consciously decide on spending less time on certain things so that you can have more time for others.

For example, if your goal entails you working on a Saturday then you might have to sacrifice your Friday social life which means losing some friends. If you have to keep fit, you have to keep learning to say no to junks and yes to exercise.

Some of us may not have achieved what we hoped we would before the year ended. Most of our lack of achievement may go back to lack of discipline, poor time management and spending too much time on things that do not propel us towards our goal. This basically means not knowing when to say yes and when to say no. We just did not know when to stop doing some things that were not so meaningful and when to start doing the things that would have counted more.

We never realized that our impulse buying and the constant need to acquire new stuff lead us into a spiraling debt that has become difficult to clear due to the accrued interest rate. Our living beyond our means and the undying urge to impress others made us download all the loan apps that we could ever think of and now we are swimming in the ocean of debt.

If 2019 has to be different then we have to keep learning to say no to what is less important.

Happy New Year.

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