Quitting Could Be The Only Best Thing For You

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Quitting Could Be The Only Best Thing For You


We have heard lots of people telling us not to give up. It has become so common to find people holding on hoping that the end will be blissful. Sometimes what we keep holding on may be the very thing that drains our energy and happiness. Sometimes quitting could be the only way out.

It is only fair if we understand that some things are not for us. It may be for everyone else around you but not for you. We don’t have to hold on to the end if whatever we are holding on to doesn’t work for us or in our favor. It is never too late to start over and move in a new direction.

1. Quit Being Content With Mediocrity.

You were not born to settle for less. Sometimes the circumstances around us may make us think we were born to live the way we are living. We look at the great life we admire to live and think it is far fetched. We actually convince ourselves that the good life is not for us. We retreat and go back to our cocoons when deep inside us we are not comfortable.

What we fail to understand is that, greatness comes from taking risks, from trying harder and from taking a leap of faith. The moment we stop making excuses for living a mediocre life is the very moment we will begin to see positive changes.

2. Quit Hanging Around People Who Belittle You.

Some relationships can be toxic. Stop hanging around people who make you feel unworthy and unwanted. If you hang around a particular person who at the end of the day makes you doubt your existence, it is time to quit.

If your friends keep pointing out your insecurities and do not help you bring out the best in you, it is time to look for new friends. Quit negative influence and quit the heaviness of heart that comes with being belittled.

3. Quit Pleasing People.

People will always be people. Whether you do good or bad. They will always find something negative to say about you. Quit trying to please everybody. Quit saying yes when you want to say no. Quit worrying about what people will think about you.

Do not give in to peer pressure or family pressure. Decide for yourself what you want and follow it. You will be liberated in a way that only you can understand.

Lastly, life is to be enjoyed. So quit worrying about the things you can’t control. Do your part and let God take over. Quitting could be your golden key to happiness. Quitting could also be a door to your dream life.

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