5 Critical Signs That You Need A Break

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5 Critical Signs That You Need A Break


Our bodies can cooperate with us and work as long as we want them to. But if we keep pushing without giving ourselves time to rest, our bodies eventually break down. This breakdown does not happen in a single day. It is a build up that happens over a period time. Below are some signs that you need a break.

1. You never seem to get enough rest

You have been sleeping for over 8 hours but you still feel groggy and tired. Getting out of bed has become a daunting task and all you want to do is slip in back and sleep some more. This is a sign that your body is tired and you need to take a break and get proper rest. 

2. You easily lose concentration.

Every time you try to work on a task, your mind keeps drifting to something different. You also keep forgetting where you have placed your important items and you can’t seem to pin point that to a particular problem. Your mind is not working at its usual pace no matter how hard you try.  If this is happening to you it is time to break.

3. Takes you longer to accomplish tasks.

It is taking you twice or thrice longer to complete tasks. Things that you would have done in an hour take you 3 hours. Apart from that you seem to be using a lot of energy to pull yourself together to work. 

4. You easily get irritable over the smallest of issues

When asked to perform the simplest of tasks, you become so grumpy and irritable. You seem to complain over every little thing that comes your way and the thought of being assigned another task seems to drive you crazy. It makes you feel overwhelmed. You have become an emotional mess that you tend to snap at people without meaning to hurt their feelings.

5. You no longer enjoy the things that you used to

You no longer enjoy waking up to go to work. Every time your friends call you to hang out, you always seem to have no time. Work has weighed you down and you keep pushing yourself to do more when you can’t really do much. You have lost the momentum and your life seems imbalanced.

Learn to give your body enough rest, When the above mentioned signs strike in, it is time for you to stop and rest. These are some of the signs that you need a break.

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