My Social Media, My Disease, How To Break Free From Social Media – For Social Media Addicts

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My Social Media, My Disease, How To Break Free From Social Media – For Social Media Addicts


With distractions at fingertips these days, it is very easy to find reasons to put away what is important and veer off the path to a completely different destination from what you initially had in mind. Here is an example: you get onto your computer hoping to do some constructive work for the day. You already have a mapped-out plan, but then when you get hold of your computer the first thing you do is log onto Facebook, before long you will be redirected to some interesting article which will lead you to another and another and another.

Sometimes you read the comments to know what other readers think. After some time you will be headed to YouTube to watch some videos then proceed to twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn….the list goes on and on. This becomes a ripple effect. When you get back to what you wanted to do,  you will have wasted two hours. Can you imagine, two solid hours!

What controls you is The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). You want to know what your friends were up to over the weekend, you want to know the hottest joints in town and who said what.

Staying on track has now become total hard work. Here are a few things I do in order to focus.

  1. First things first

When I have an important project to work on, I will work on it first before scrolling down the endless Facebook feeds. Facebook will always be there and the things you want to see are not as important as meeting that deadline or closing that contract. Be patient and prioritize what is urgent and important. The rest can always wait.

  1. Self-Control

I already know that I don’t have 48hours in a day. Everything that I will do has to have a time limit. If I have two hours to read blogs and check social media, then I will use that time maximally.

If I can take breaks in between other activities to check my social media then I will do that. In this instant, you will need to practice total self-control so that you don’t get carried away by the juicy feeds that keep appearing all over.

  1. Turn Off Push Notifications

Why are you so keen to be notified about every little insignificant thing that takes place on social media? What is it that you don’t want to miss out? I know these notifications can be important but your life does not hang on them. When you do not need destructions, turn them off and get some work done.

Once you are through with the most important events of the day, there will be enough time to troll over all the social sites you want. You will definitely notice that you become more liberated once you are through with what matters most.

Those social sites will always be there and you can always check them later as long as what you are checking is not urgent. Learn to plan your time and become a free soul

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