The Best Morning Routine For Successful People

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The Best Morning Routine For Successful People

Have you ever heard of the phrase that if you win your morning you win your day? The first few hours of the day can either make or break your day. That is why it is essential to create the best morning routine for yourself.
This is why establishing the best morning routine is very important. It is the first step to productivity and efficiency.

Successful men and women tend to have a common morning routine. Here are some of the things you can incorporate in your morning routine to help you succeed.

1. Wake up Early

They say the early bird catches the warm. Waking up early can help you start your day on a high note. It gives you an upper hand. It helps you work on the most important tasks of the day leaving you with some extra time to tackle something that might come up during the day.

2. Make your bed

Teach yourself to make your bed as soon as you wake up. Let it be the first task of the day. Do it until it becomes part of you, Make your bed so that when the day doesn’t go as per your expectations, you will have something to look forward to. A well made bed.

3. Have Some Quiet Time

Having woken up early you have more time. You can start by building yourself by reading a constructive book. You can also spend this time with God by reading the word of God and praying.
You can also meditate. It is during such times that the greatest ideas that change the world are given birth to.

4. Journal

Writing is powerful. Jot down some of the things that you have learned during your quiet time. Write down your expectations and your goals for the day ahead. You can pour down your thoughts and dreams. It could also be as simple as writing the things that you are grateful for.

Create your to do list. Some people prefer creating a to do list the night before but if you happen not to have it, this can be a perfect time to create one.

5. Stay Away From Your Phone

Your phone can destruct you and mess up a well planned morning. Before you decide to check out  Telegram, Whatsapp and other messages, make sure your important tasks of the day are done.

The same applies to social media. If you struggle with social media addiction, read this article. 

6. Let Your Actions Be Purposeful

As you start your day, let your to do list guide you. Start with the most important tasks of the day. As Brian Tracey puts it. Eat the ugliest frog first, this leaves you with a fair frog to tackle. Be intentional about your every move. The world awaits you.

We understand that we cannot all be early birds, if you are a night owl, you can find a way to work around with your time and create a routine that works for you.

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