The Best Time To Begin Anything In Life

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The Best Time To Begin Anything In Life


Has there been a time in your life when you felt that you were  extremely ready to begin a project? Let’s say, you want to set up a business. Do you ever get to a point when you feel you have the perfect business premise, the perfect staff, enough capital, enough stalk, perfect working equipment etc.   

Personally I have never been there.  I have had to start with what I have and then gain more equipment and expertise as I progress. 

Every time you want to begin something, there will always be an excuse why it is not the right time. That excuse will always make so much sense. You then abandon that project and start looking for something else which in most cases always ends up being abandoned just like the previous one. 

Here is an example, you settle on an idea like selling men’s ware. You look around and suddenly there are too many shops that sell the same products. Then the devil within starts showing you how impossible it is going to be to break through that market segment. Your capital becomes insignificant, you start telling yourself how no one will buy from you. Your mind takes you on a journey of impossibilities and you clearly start to see how impossible it actually is to action your plan. You have already registered failure even before you begin.

Of all the things I have ever embarked on in my life,  it has never been a perfect moment to start. When I started writing, I didn’t even own a smartphone. It was pen and paper and that’s what  I used. Had I waited for the perfect moment, perfect equipment and perfectly written articles, I would never have begun. I would still be waiting. 

Tomorrow always seems a better day to start. Unfortunately tomorrow never comes. So whatever you wan to start, start it today. Let the perfect time find you in the process. 

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