The Waiting Bench – Do This While Waiting On God

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The Waiting Bench – Do This While Waiting On God


Waiting on God has never been easy. We have all taken our seats at the waiting bench so often. It is usually a place that is filled with mixed feelings. Sometimes it is hope, other times it is despair, other times it is hopelessness and sometimes doubt, tears and so much sorrow.

At times you begin to question whether God really is still with you or if has given up on you. The heart grows weary and the body becomes weak. At some point things might change from worse to worst. Life may lack meaning and everything may cease to make sense.

So what exactly do you do in order to prevent yourself from falling into a state of despair while on the waiting bench? Here are a few things to help you.

1. Join A Support Group

In order to get emotional comfort, look for a support group and join. By comparing notes with your group members, you will start gaining a clear understanding of your situation. You coping skills will improve and you will gain a sense of empowerment and control. This will help you reduce distress and anxiety as you wait on God to answer your prayer.

2. Talk It Out With Friends And Family

Talking about what you are going through with friends and family opens you up to quicker solutions. You also get a sense of comfort that there is someone you can talk to about your woes. They will encourage you to hold n and give you hope to look forward to another day.

3. Read/Listen To Other Peoples Stories

When you are on the waiting bench, you always think your situation is the worst. Take time to read and listen to other peoples stories. You will be amazed. It will give you all the reasons to thank God for what you have.

4.Take Action While On The Waiting Bench

Don’t pray and lazy around waiting for God to bring whatever you are asking for on a silver platter. Get up and work. If you need a job, get up and start looking for one, send those cv’s, knock on those doors. Just play your part and leave the rest to God

5. God’s Time Is Not Our Time

As human beings we always want to get answers right away. But that is not how God works. He answers in His own Time. He is never late. Even when it looks like he is four days late, he is still on time. So relax and watch events unfolding to your favour.

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