Unemployment – Where Do We Run To ?

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Unemployment – Where Do We Run To ?


Unemployment is a major problem in our country. When Kelvin Ochieng’s story, a first class honors graduate who had failed to secure a descent job was aired on Citizen television, it created a lot of reactions. He had sent applications to various companies with the hope of securing a job but all his efforts had failed. 

Kelvin’s story is a representation of the struggles that the youth of this country are facing. Day in day out people are graduating from universities and colleges. The problem is, we are producing graduates at a faster rate than we are creating jobs. To make matters worse our education system does not empower the same people to be innovative enough to create jobs. 

When we go to school, they tell us to study hard so that we  can get better jobs. So when we fail to get the said jobs, we end frustrated. When someone challenges us to create jobs, it leaves us wondering where to start from. We want to create those jobs so badly but we don’t have the skills to do that.

Some of us have actually tried startups which have terribly failed. Why? We don’t know what to do or what not to do. Saying create jobs is actually very easy but creating the jobs is what is really hard.

Yesterday Airtel and Telkom announced that they are going to merge. This merger will leave more that 575 people unemployed. Some of these people are sole providers for their families. How will their children go to school? How will their families feed? How will they pay their bills?

Unemployment is a big problem and something needs to be done. The rate at which companies are closing down is alarming. Here is a short video on what we think can help reduce unemployment.

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