Why Focus Is Your Companion To Faster Success

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Why Focus Is Your Companion To Faster Success


Life has just become crazy. So much  to do with very little time.  Every thing and everyone is fighting to have your attention. Splitting your focus and handling more than one thing at ago has become the norm of the day.

You have goals. In the middle of chasing those goals you are also thinking about what else you can do. You want to do everything, be everywhere, have it all and never miss out on anything. You want to give your all to your projects, you also want to get all the latest news and never miss out on the latest memes on social media. 

When the word accomplishment or success comes up.  You think of all that you need to perch up. You suddenly remember that you had an idea of launching a project. You also start thinking of how you want to build an outstanding legacy. You look at your accomplishments and still need more. The truth is that it is never enough and if you are not careful, all these can leave you in a cluttered state of mind where your body is one place and your mind in a different place.

Multitasking can be good but if you want to accomplish major tasks, you need to focus. It becomes easier when you focus on a single objective at a time than chasing everything. Concentrating on a single task at a time reduces the overall working time on the task.  

Knowing that you have cleared one task can give you the peace of mind to focus on your next task. Focus leads to giving it your all and therefore doing your work to perfection.

Reducing distractions makes one more productive and more happy which in turn leads to general fulfilment. 

If you always get overwhelmed when you have a lot to tackle, just breath in take a pen and paper, write down your to do list in the order of priority. Focus on a single task till completion then proceed to the next. By the time you get to the third task, you will be totally relaxed.

That is the power of focus. Top it up with passion and the end result will be ecstatic.

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  1. I have always struggled with keeping focus. I am easily distracted. That was my weakness. However, I found a way of dealing with it. Journaling. Only writing down what I know is important and which needs to done. Thanks for being awesome and for sharing.