Why People Seek God

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Why People Seek God


There are various religions around the world. Each religion sees itself as superior than the rest. People who follow a specific religion have a set standard of rules and worship days. Each group has justifications as to why they believe in what they believe in. Why people seek God is personal to each individual.

Some were born and found their parents worshiping in a particular way and followed suit. A few made their own decisions along the way as they grew up. Some of these decisions were influenced by their closest interactions while others may have been a result of adventure and curiosity.

In all these, we all acknowledge that there is some greater power that is in control.

Religion is one very broad topic. If you sit down to start analyzing and disputing various analogies, you will never get a conclusive answer that can give you certainty. Some of the people who have tried to explain the origins of the world and its existence have left some gaps that still remain a puzzle.

This is a clear indication that human knowledge can only stretch to a certain point and some things will always remain mysterious to us.

So what makes a religion superior?

It is really hard to know which religion is superior. Should we rate this based on how widespread a religion is or on how dedicated the people of a specific religion are? or should it be based on the impact they leave in the society? That is for you to decide.

It will be unfair to simply pick out one religion and give it the term ‘superior’. We were all born and found the religions in existence. If we decide to pick one and term it as ‘superior’, we will be bias.

There are those who switch religions along the way. They have their own reasons for doing that and that does not make any religion stronger or weaker.

All said and done, there is always an inner desire within each one of us. A desire that can never be quenched by anything other than God, a supernatural power. A lot of wealth and money cannot quench that desire. No amount of travelling or studying can. It does not matter if you are young or old. It is this inner desire that drives us to join a certain religion.

People seek God because of a yearning for a greater power that is unseen by physical eyes. The power that can bring completeness in our being. This vacuum that yearns to be filled is what is referred to as The God Shaped Hole. Only God can fill that, nothing else.

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