Our Doomed Future

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Our Doomed Future


Dear reader,

This article is not going to be interesting, I am just passing time as I wait to register this Huduma Number thing. The process is so slow. You can waste your entire day waiting to get this piece of paper. I don’t know how important it is but anyway let me just wait for my turn.

I can’t believe that today is the last day of April. Two more months and the first half of the year will be over. Just like that. Am I the only one who thinks this year is moving too fast? I cant seem to keep up with the pressure of the various things I promised myself to do.

I feel duped. Just the other day I was in church celebrating new year’s eve. How come tomorrow is May? I don’t get it.

I know it has been sunny all the way from last year, was it in November or was it October? I don’t remember, all I know is that it has been terribly dry. Are these the affects of global warming? Is it because we cut down trees and gave priority to real estate without considering the future in terms of weather and climate? What about food security?

The other day I saw some machines harvesting sand along the beach leaving turtles helpless. Their breeding grounds have been invaded. Their homes have been tampered with. The people who have been appointed to take care of the welfare of such creatures are comfortably pocketing their salary and some more at the expense of our environment. It may not seem like a big deal right now but one thing is for sure the future is doomed.

When we saw the helpless photos of our fellow countrymen, women and children dying in some parts of our nation, it looked like something temporary. I can bet that what we are seeing today, are the fruits of what we planted years back. Our rushing there with foodstuffs and water may offer a temporary solution but we need something permanent. We can’t be doing the same thing year in year out.

When the Standard Gauge Railway passed through the national park. A few organizations made some noise and later on the noise died down. Why? It was a lost battle. I don’t know if the trees that went down to pave way for the construction were replaced. It may not bother you right now but the effects are far reaching.

Years back, it never used to flood so frequently as it does nowadays. Today, the slightest of rains will make you want to stay indoors for a while because of the endless streams of water that you are likely to encounter. Drainage has been clogged. Why? Our poor habits – throwing garbage where its not supposed to be. The Plastic bags ban has helped a lot in keeping the environment clean.

Now I don’t know if my children will be able to see a northern white rhino now that Sudan was our second last hope before he went to eternal sleep. It’s now dependent on the scientific thing. I hope it works.

Daphine Sheldeick is doing a good job in saving our elephants. If you can, go there and adopt one. The giraffes are not badly off. Maybe we lost our flamingoes in Lake Elementaita. Does the pink lake still exist? I need to find out. Our Hippos have had a rough patch too. The Mara river started drying up and they had to learn to swim in mud. I am hoping the wildebeests will still cross over in July. We can’t afford to not have the spectacle.

Lastly, let me talk about money. It seems to have vanished into thin air, could it be that the government is collecting the current money so that we can get new notes with new currency symbols? The little I get does not hold. There are needs right left and center. Everything seems to have increased in prices except the obvious, you guessed that right, salary. Wait, tomorrow is Labour Day, should we wait for the president’s speech. He might say Something good in terms of salaries. Anyway whatever he says will not have an impact on mine unless the housing levy gets implemented.

It looks like Friends and family want you to assist yet you also need assistance. Am I the only one who is in this. If you feel me can I see your hand up please 😁

The queue is still long but I’m certain that I will get this number today. For now lets celebrate, enjoy and appreciate the fact that we are alive.  Happy Labour Day.

Best regards, Salammy.

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