Why Pastor Ng’ang’a Is an Angry Man

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Why Pastor Ng’ang’a Is an Angry Man


It is normal for parents to get angry at their  own children especially when they think that they are not getting the full respect that they deserve. The one and only Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism has been trending for the last two days after a clip of him demanding his church members to respect him and his wife emerged online.

It is evident that some of his followers are turning a cold shoulder towards him despite the facet that he is the founder and the the lead pastor of Neno Evangelism. Pastor Ng’ang’a has previously been involved in other scandals. Seemingly, his respect and affluence is dwindling.

Ideally, respect is supposed to be earned. If you are a leader it is only natural that you get respected by those that you lead. When it gets to a point where you have to demand respect from your followers, it means something is wrong.

They say, there is no smoke without fire. You will rarely see a church founder standing on a pulpit in order to demand respect from his congregation. Church issues can always be solved privately by summoning the concerned individuals. Pastor Ng’ang’a is angry because he has lost his respect. He is desperately fighting to get it back.

It has been a rough ride for him. He has been involved in an accident scandal where he is claimed to have killed a woman. Wickson Njoroge, a city businessman also accused Pastor Ng’ang’a of conning him Ksh3.6 Million. When your  church leader’s inrgrity is punched right left and center, it gives all the reasons to start questioning why everyone is talking about him.

It is hard to tell how Pastor Ng’ang’a will be able to redeem himself and get back his lost glory after all the negative publicity that he has received.

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